Affordable Houses For Sale In Accra

Many individuals aspire to own their own home in Accra, Ghana. The challenge, however, is that the country is saddled with a housing deficit of an estimated 2 million homes. It has led to a more favorable situation for real estate developers, who can charge a premium for the high demand at stake. Coupled with the lack of building materials in the country, these developers are forced to import about 70 percent of their materials from abroad. It consequently leads to higher prices.

A number of developers have, however, found some solutions to the debacle of high house prices. They have been able to offer some homes at decent prices, making them affordable for many prospective house hunters. Add the fact that they are priced in Cedis and it makes for an amazing experience. Ghana’s leading real estate agency, Dwellys, has compiled a list of some of the best affordable houses for sale in Accra.

Two-bedroom House For Sale at Oyibi

Looking for a serene location that isn’t too far from town? Oyibi is a fast developing neighborhood with access to water and electricity and other social amenities. There is a two-bedroom terraced house available for sale within a gated community for added security. It includes a kitchen, a bathroom, and a decently spaced living area. It comes at a bargain price of just GHS180,000.

Three-bedroom House For Sale at Ashaley Botwe

Ashaley Botwe is a neighborhood in Accra that has seen remarkable developments over the last ten years. The main Madina-Ashaley Botwe road has been paved with asphalt and the area features leading estates such as Lakeside Estate. The area features a supermarket in the mold of Spar Supermarket, dozens of high-quality schools like St Peters, and filling stations littered all over. This three-bedroom house is conveniently located in the area, and all the bathrooms come ensuite. It features a kitchen cabinet, kitchen cupboards, spacious rooms, and a compound big enough to contain three small cars. It is also connected to electricity and water. Its proximity to Accra Mall makes it a very ideal location. It takes about 25 minutes to drive there. The price is a meagre GHS360,000, considering its location, amenities, and house features.

Three-bedroom House For Sale in Tema and Kasoa

Considering areas outside Accra but in close proximity? There are three-bedroom houses available for sale in Tema and Kasoa that are conveniently located in estate communities. These homes are connected to water and electricity, feature kitchen cabinets, spacious rooms, one ensuite bathroom, and another shared.

Three-bedroom house for sale at Ofankor Barrier

The northern parts of Accra has increasingly become a location of choice for many home dwellers in Ghana. Ofankor is one typical neighborhood that has seen a surge in development and population. The Achimota highway expansion that began in 2004 has made the area more attractive and cut travel time by more than half. This three-bedroom house features a spacious parking space, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and it is securely located within an estate community. It is also connected to water and electricity.

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