Tema Property Guide


Tema, also known as The Harbor City, is a leading international trading hub and an attractive destination for residential and commercial purposes. It was designed and developed by the award-winning urban planner and Ghana’s first architect, Theodore S. Clerk. It is the second-largest city in the Greater Accra Region after Accra and also hosts the biggest deep seaport in Ghana, Tema Harbor. It attracts a large number of foreign expatriates due to the industrial opportunities available. It is bordered by Afienya to the north, Ashiaman to the West, Dawhenya to the East and the Atlantic Ocean to the south.

Tema is the leading industrial hub of Ghana and is the most well-planned city in Ghana. It has been well-demarcated to ensure that residential, commercial, and industrial real estate are sited in their appropriate locations. The city starts from the tollbooth of the Tema Motorway all the way to the harbor. Tema is the only city in Ghana that has demarcated its neighborhoods into communities identified by a numbering system. These communities start from Community 1 to Community 25.

The city features a sports stadium, which is home to Tema Youth and Real Sportive. Aside from its sports stadium, Tema hosts a plethora of schools, shops and malls. Some of its major shopping centers include the Community 25 Mall, Maxmart and Melcom. Also, it boasts many middle-to-high income private schools. Prominent among them are the Tema International School, Tema Ridge School, and SOS Herman Gmeiner International School. Tema is one of the best-policed cities in Ghana due to its unique position as a top and attractive industrial port in the West African subregion.

The city has a variety of house types that appeal to various categories of individuals and families. Prices for luxury townhouses range from US$250,000, which is the starting point for a three-bedroom home, to US$400,000 for a luxury four-bedroom townhouse. Three-bedroom apartments are available for prices between US$100,000 and US$250,000 while two-bedroom apartments range from US$75,000, to US$150,000. Regarding one-bedroom homes, one can purchase a unit starting from US$20,000 for the more affordable range. Most of these homes come with modern and trendy architectural designs.

Tema is perfect for individuals who desire safety, aesthetics and are keen on a location close to the Industrial Area. Most of the city’s roads have been asphalted. Moreover, the city has running water and reliable electricity.

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